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Dali Epicon 8

14 499,00 € IVA incluído

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Caja acústica de suelo de 4 vías y 5 altavoces.

Sensibilidad: 90 dB. Impedancia nominal: 4 ohmios.

Respuesta en frecuencia: 35-30.000 Hz.

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 Impresionante y bellísima caja acústica de auténtica referencia, como lo atestigua el premio EISA 2012-2013 al mejor producto de High End.



The absolute pinnacle of the EPICON series, the EPICON 8 delivers dramatically rich and detailed sound that will blow your mind and captivate your senses. The loudspeaker is the result of a passionate, tireless quest to reach perfection.

Prepare yourself for musical indulgence like never before – and for a beautifully statuesque design your guests will envy.

In the EPICON 8, two 8” woofers are complemented by a 6 ½“ mid-range driver to peel away the layers of a recording and delicately separate vocals and instruments. The groundbreaking Linear Drive Magnet System of the woofers is complemented by our hybrid ribbon/soft dome tweeter module. This all translates into the largest, most room-filling sound of the EPICON family. Effectively this is a ‘3 + ½-way’ construction.

Multi-layered cabinets
Each side of the EPICON 8 is constructed from 6 individual layers of MDF, all glued together. In the EPICON 8 these are anchored to a 63 mm multi-layer MDF backbone of the cabinet, which is 10 mm thicker than the backbone of the EPICON 2 and EPICON 6 to maintain control. CNC milling process is applied for making the recess and holes for the bass ports and terminals in the backbone.

With a thickness of 33 mm the duallayer front baffle ensures that energy from the drivers is radiated as acoustic energy, and not as vibrations in the cabinet. The curved shape of the front baffle is also a contributing factor in ensuring a stable acoustic platform.

Internally the cabinet for the EPICON 8 is divided in two identical sized chambers for the woofers and one extra chamber for the midrange. The woofer chambers are allowing tuning of the cabinet to be done identically yet completely independently for each of the two woofers. The midrange chamber allows the driver to reproduce the critical frequencies related to e.g. human voices without any interference from the rest of the system.

Thus you will find two bass ports on the back of the cabinet located as nearby the woofers as possible. Both ports are convex tapered in both ends to minimize port turbulence. At the very bottom of the cabinet, however, you will see that the hardwired crossover is mounted in its own enclosure as well - free from the dynamic variation of cabinet pressure inside the bass reflex enclosures.

These partitions as well as the internal bracing have been very carefully positioned within the EPICON 8. Following DALI’s philosophy of optimizing the timing in all aspects, a free airflow is crucial to the sound experience.


Tipo de caja acústicaFront
Rango de frecuencia (+/-3 dB) [Hz]35 - 30.000
Sensibilidad (2,83 V/1 m) [dB]89
Impedancia nominal [ohm]:4
Máximo SPL [dB]:112
Potencia amplificación recomendada W50 - 500
Frecuencias de cruce en filtro (Hz):550 / 3.100 / 15.000
Módulos de altavoz altas frecuencias1 x 10 x 55 mm  Ribbon
1 x 29 mm  Soft Textile Dome
Módulo de altavoz frecuencia media1 x 6½  Wood Fibre Cone
Módulo de altavoz de baja frecuencia2 x 8  Wood Fibre Cone
Tipo de recintoBass Reflex
Frecuencia de uso del Bass Réflex28,0
Conexión de entradaBi-amping (active crossover)
Bi Wire
Blindaje magnéticoNo
Emplazamiento recomendadoFloor
La distancia recomendada de la pared cm> 35
Dimensiones máximas del altavoz incluyendo la base y la parrilla(AxAxP) [mm]:1262 x 353 x 497
Dimensiones máximas de la caja de altavoz(AxAxP) [mm]:1225 x 264 x 485
Peso kg47,5
Accesorios incluidosManual
Micro Fibre Cloth
Rubber Pads
Spikes M10
Terminal Links
AcabadosBlack High Gloss Lacquer
Walnut High Gloss Lacquer
Ruby Macassar High Gloss Lacquer

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