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Simaudio Moon Neo 340ix

3 990,00 € IVA incluído

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Amplificador integrado a transistores

2x 100 W.a 8 ohmios. 2 x 200 W a 4 ohmios.

Salida de auriculares. Entrada de minijack. Mando a distancia


VERSION 340i D3PX CON DAC Y PHONO   + 1000 €

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The Neo 340i is the ultimate example of a Neo-class Integrated Amplifier. Combining high power, sonic finesse and superb flexibility, the Neo 340i will seduce you with its musical authority, as well as its rich, engaging and lifelike sound quality.

In addition, the Neo 340i's flexibility is enhanced by a host of options which can be included at the time of purchase or added later on. A high-performance and very versatile DAC is offered for connectivity to your latest devices such as a computer, DVD/Blu-Ray player or an iPod docking station. If you have a love for spinning your cherished collection of vinyl records, a fully-configurable MC/MM phono stage is also available. Finally, if you own other high-end gear with balanced connections, the Neo 340i can be fitted with a set of balanced line inputs.

The Neo 340i can easily be the centerpiece of your music and entertainment system. Needless to say, the Neo 340i is constructed to the highest standards that has made MOON products famous around the world.

Of course, key features you'd expect in a MOON Neo Series product are present such as SimLink™, 12V trigger, RS-232 and IR ports for custom-install environments. Finally, the Neo 340i is available in three different finishes: the standard "all black", as well as special order "all silver" or "2-tone" (black & silver).


  • A massive oversized power supply using a custom toroidal transformer design
  • 5 line-level inputs including a front-mounted 1/8" mini-jack for personal media players
  • Headphone output on 1/4" TRS jack located on the front panel
  • One audio input which functions as a "pass-through", bypassing the gain stage to accommodate a component such as a home-theater processor, whose own volume control is used instead.
  • Proprietary MOON Bipolar output transistors with unprecedented gain linearity resulting in improved bass response and even more accurate sonic reproduction
  • "Class A" output to 5 watts for greater efficiency
  • 12 Volt trigger output for remote operations
  • RS-232 port for (i) full unsolicited bidirectional feedback and (ii) firmware updates
  • IR input for external control
  • SimLink™ controller port for 2-way communications with other compatible MOON components
  • Rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations
  • Optimized selection of very high quality electronic components
  • Low operating temperature for an ultra-long life expectancy
  • Includes CRM-2 remote control.



Single-ended / 2 canales

Clase de operación del amplificador


Entradas RCA

4 pares

Entrada Mini-jack
(3,5 mm)


Entradas XLR

1 par

Sensibilidad de entrada

400mV - 3.0 V RMS

Impedancia de entrada

22 kΩ

Salida de cinta

1 par

Salida de preamplificador

1 par

Tipo de dispositivos de salida

Bipolares - 4 por canal

Bornes de altavoz


Potencia de salida @ 8Ω

100W por canal

Potencia de salida @ 4Ω

200W por canal

Impedancia de salida

0,04 Ω

Factor de amortiguación

> 200


37 dB

Headroom dinámico

3 dB

Relación señal/ruido

> 110 dB @ salida completa

Voltaje de salida máximo

30 V

Slew rate

20V / µS

Corriente máxima (pico)

22 amperios

Corriente máxima (continuos)

12 amperios

Respuesta de frecuencia

2 Hz - 90 kHz (+0/-3 dB)

Diafonía @ 1 kHz

<-88 dB



THD (20 Hz - 20 kHz @ 1 W / @ 100 W)

<0,03% / <0,05%


12 Volt Trigger Output Operation

Direct Logic (0V = off, 12V=on) using a 3.5mm mono microphone jack with an output impedance of 1000 Ω and current requirement of 12mA

Puerto SimLink

1 entrada + 1 salida de cada en mini-jack 1/8''

Puerto Rs-232

Conector hembra de 9 pines

Entrada IR

Mini-jack 1/8''


Acabados disponibles para el panel frontal

Negro y plata

Control remoto

Todas las funciones

Consumo de corriente @ en espera

45 W

Requerimientos de corriente

120V / 60 Hz
240V / 50 Hz

Reemplazo de fusible - 120V

5A fundido lento

Reemplazo de fusible - 230V

3A fundido lento


13 kg

(ancho x alto x fondo)

43 cm x 8,9 cm x 37,5 cm


Tipos de entrada digital

S/PDIF (RCA) x 2
USB x 1
TosLink x 1

Impedancia digital de entrada S/PDIF

75 ohmios @ 0,5 V

DAC / Filtro Digital

BurrBrown PCM1793

Rango de la profundidad de bits

16 / 24 bits

Rango de frecuencias de muestreo

32, 44'1, 48, 88'2, 96, 176'4 y 192 kHz

Respuesta de frecuencia (audible)

20 Hz - 20 kHz +0/-0.2 dB

Respuesta de frecuencia
(rango completo)

2 Hz - 72 kHz +0/-3 dB

THD @ 1 kHz, 0 dBFS (ponderada A)




Rango dinámico

> 116 dB

Relación señal/ruido

> 115 dB @ salida completa

Slew Rate

50V / µS

Separación de canales

> 115 dB

Linealidad de bajo nivel

+/- 1.0 dB por debajo de 120 dBFS

Jitter intrínseco

<25 pS RMS


Impedancia de entrada (ajustable)

100 ohmios y 47 kohmios

Capacitancia de entrada (ajustable)

0 pF y 100 pF

Ganancia (ajustable)

40 dB y 60 dB

Sobrecarga en la entrada @ ganancia de 40 dB

58 mV RMS

Sobrecarga en la entrada @ ganancia de 60 dB

3 mV RMS

Relación señal/ruido
(full scale @ ganancia de 40 dB)

107 dBr

Relación señal/ruido
(full scale @ ganancia de 60 dB)

85 dBr

Respuesta de frecuencia

20 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 0,5 dB)

Diafonía @ 1 kHz

-97 dB



THD (20 Hz - 20 kHz)


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