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Moon Neo 220i + Neat Motive 2

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Amplificador Moon Neo 220i color plata - negro

Altavoces Neat Motive 2


Nota: Altavoces Neat Motive 2 ex-demo

Amplificador Moon Neo 220i nuevo

Perfecto estado. 2 años de garantía

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The Neo 220i Integrated Amplifier offers immense value, delivering unrivaled performance in a distinctive package. Designed with numerous convenient features such as a front-mounted mini-jack for personal media players, the 220i produces music like no other integrated amplifier in its class.

Incorporating technologies found in our highly acclaimed MOON Amplifiers and Preamplifiers, the 220i will provide for many years of listening pleasure and hassle-free use. Nearly thirty five years of experience in the design and manufacturing of award wininng high-performance components has paved the way for the Neo 220i.

Of course, key features you'd expect in a MOON Neo Series product are present such as SimLink™, RS-232 and IR ports for custom-install environments. Finally, the Neo 220i is available in three different finishes: the standard "all black", as well as special order "all silver" or "2-tone" (black & silver):



  • A power supply using a custom toroidal transformer design
  • 6 line-level inputs including a front-mounted 1/8" mini-jack for personal media players
  • Headphone output on 1/4" TRS jack located on the front panel
  • Proprietary MOON Bipolar output transistors with unprecedented gain linearity resulting in improved bass response and even more accurate sonic reproduction
  • "Class A" output to 5 watts for greater efficiency
  • Heat-sink free design incorporating an aluminum chassis for evenly distributed heat dissipation
  • RS-232 port for (i) full unsolicited bidirectional feedback and (ii) firmware updates
  • IR input for external control
  • SimLink™ controller port for 2-way communications with other compatible MOON components
  • Rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations
  • Optimized selection of very high quality electronic components
  • Low operating temperature for an ultra-long life expectancy
  • Includes CRM-2 remote control.




Single-ended / 2 canales

Clase de operación del amplificador


Entradas RCA

5 pares

Sensibilidad de entrada

370mV - 3.0 V RMS

Impedancia de entrada

11 kΩ

Salida de cinta

1 par

Salida de preamplificador

1 par

Potencia de salida @ 8Ω

40W por canal

Potencia de salida @ 4Ω

80W por canal

Impedancia de salida

0,04 Ω

Factor de amortiguación

> 200

Relación señal/ruido

101 dB @ salida completa

Voltaje de salida máximo

20 V

Slew rate

20V / µS

Corriente máxima

14 amperios

Respuesta de frecuencia

10 Hz - 100 kHz (+0/-3 dB)

Diafonía @ 1 kHz

-78 dB



THD (20 Hz - 20 kHz @ 1 W / @ 40 W)

<0,015% / <0,03%


Acabados disponibles para el panel frontal

Negro y plata

Control remoto

Todas las funciones

Consumo de corriente @ en espera

10 W

Requerimientos de corriente

120V / 60 Hz
240V / 50 Hz

Reemplazo de fusible

4 A de fusión rápida (120 V)
2 A de fusión rápida (230 V)


8 kg


42,9 cm (ancho) x 8,9 cm (alto) x 37,5 cm (fondo)



At only 76cm high, the Neat Motive 2 is an exceptionally compact floorstander for those who want all the musical performance of a Neat floorstander without taking over the living room. These loudspeakers breathe the English class and sober design that is truly timeless and which will effortlessly integrate in any home decor, regardless of how retro or modern it might be. Without looking too vintage, the Neat Motive 2 are speakers whose design manages to marvelously blend in the smooth, well-contoured spartan lines seen 40 years ago with a modern touch that makes them quite a head-turner. The tall and slender cabinet resides on a sculptural plinth that adds stability and sports internal strutting that makes it impervious to resonance and vibrations.

The two-way, bass reflex design in the Neat Motive 2 has the same port and plinth arrangement as the Motive One. The plinth offers a stable platform for the speaker whilst providing a slight backward tilt to maintain the ideal angle for optimum performance. They are angled back slightly to deliver the correct time alignment between bass and treble, which only serves to add to their good looks, as do the impressive real-wood veneer finishes. The driver complement runs on 2-way architecture, with a paper cone bass/midrange driver and a 1-inch tweeter. While the 5.5-inch woofer beautifully develops both the rich and substantial bass, it also offers neatly-voiced midrange with sparkle and natural brightness. Neat Motive 2's tweeter sports an inverted dome made from titanium, loaded in a massive faceplate that isolates it from unwanted resonance and vibrations coming from the woofers.

When partnered with the right equipment, the Neat Motive 2 speakers are capable of filling the room with the sort of full-bodied, gorgeously transparent presentation that would normally be associated with much bigger floorstanders - quite a feat considering that this two-way ported design is so incredibly compact. The Neat Motive 2 speakers combine the best qualities of both floorstanders and standmounters. They have the weight, authority and punch of a floorstander, and the rhythm and small-scale dynamics of a standmounter. True, a good floorstanding speaker has more bass, but the Neats' low frequencies are deep enough. They do not have the exceptionally fine detail of the very best in their class, but they are cohesive, complete and compelling. This is partly down to the timing, which is absolutely spot on.

The Neat Motive 2 speakers surprise with their astonishing bass and beautifully open midrange. The treble can be overly exuberant when really pushed, but they remain cohesive, authoritative and downright exciting. They appeal to the kind of person who wants to generate all the scale and excitement of a live performance, without having to resort to speakers that dominate the living room. These speakers are not fussy about position. Certainly, they sound best given a little space, but if they need placing near a back wall, or if listened off-axis, they would still do a decent job. For those who want the satisfying performance of a Neat floorstander without taking over the living room, the Neat Motive 2 is the perfect solution. It is amongst the smallest genuine hi-fi floorstanders available, yet it reproduces music with all the weight and scale usually associated with much larger models.

Specifications :
Type................................................2-way reflex
Impedance.......................................8 ohms
Sensitivity........................................85dB at 1 watt
Bandwidth........................................35Hz to 30kHz
Dimensions(w x d x h)......................22.5 x 26 x 76.5 cm
Weight............................................9kg per side

Miscellaneous :
Made In...........................................UK, England

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